What You Need To Watch Before Buying A Nano Drape Mask in Czechia

Czech Nano Masks

In Czechia, the consumers need to be very careful before buying a nano drape mask for protection from COVID-19. Researchers from the Technical University of Liberec tested a total of six masks, which are available on the Czech market under the designation “Nano Drape”. Only half did contain nano textiles.

The University Research For The Nano Drapes Masks

The Czech experts studied the material composition of six different brands of face masks in university laboratories. The face masks are currently among the best-selling protective equipment in addition to respirators. All six masks suppliers refer to them as “nano drapes”.

The researchers, therefore, focused on an accurate analysis of all layers of material contained in the drapes.

The Research Results Of The Nano Drape Face Masks in Czechia

“In three of the six face masks, there was no nanofiber fabric or any other nano-objects that would technologically increase the filtration function of the drapes,” says Pavel Kejzlar, a researcher at the Technical University of Liberec.

All three masks without nanofibers came to Czechia from imports, especially from Vietnam. According to scientists, wearing them on the face has about the same effect as wearing cotton drapes from an old T-shirt, which the Czechs sewed in bulk last spring. But these assumed nano drape masks also cost as the real nanofiber masks and sometimes more.

“For example, when one of the manufacturers made a fabric from yarn, which he called a nanomaterial, where the fibers cross each other, he created a membrane that is completely unsuitable for filtering very small objects, such as bacteria or even viruses,” says Pavel Kejzlar from Technical University of Liberec.

What You Need To Watch Before Buying A Nano Drape Mask in Czechia

Where You Can Learn More About Real Czech Nanofiber Masks

It is very difficult to trace in what volumes these masks are imported to the Czech Republic. Mainly because they are not sold as medical items in e-shops and therefore do not need the appropriate permits.

Although the importers of the false nano drape masks documented a number of certificates from the origin Asian countries, or other foreign certificates, which, however, do not address the content of nanofibers, points out the Czech Association of the Nanotechnology Industry.


Endeavor Czech recommends that if you want to learn more about who are the real domestic Nanofiber mask producers and what are the original Nanotechnology products in Czechia, please visit the Czech Nanotechnology Industries Association.

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