What Is The Main Threat Of AI For Humans, Top Scientist Revealed

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A Top scientist of cybernetics revealed that AI’s main threat is that robotizes and drives humans to give up their values.

AI Main Danger For Humans

The active introduction of artificial intelligence into human life leads to the fact that the person himself turns into a machine. Aleksey Samsonovich, professor of the Department of Cybernetics shared his opinion in a recent interview at Zvezda TV.

The Top cybernetic scientist emphasized that it is very easy for a human to commit a crime in the virtual world since does not feel what is doing.

The professor said:

“The development of artificial intelligence follows the laws of marketing, they do what is profitable momentarily, and accordingly, this does not always correspond to human values, it turns out that a person enslaves himself with his own hands, robotizes himself, depersonalizes himself, deprives of his values”

The scientist also added that in the modern world, a human increasingly relies on AI computers, refusing to perform many functions independently.

“A person, in general, degenerates, loses his value, ceases to be a human, relies more and more on Google and does not think for himself, in this sense, a person can become dependent on artificial intelligence and enslaved <…> It’s not that there is a confrontation a human with machines, namely, that a human himself turns into a machine”

At the same time, the scientist called an unlikely scenario for the development of events, where machines could enslave the world and displace a human somewhere.

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