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Endeavor Czech s.r.o. distributes Top Luxury Hotel Cosmetics, Accessories, Equipment, and Amenities all over Europe. All of the Cosmetic Products are ECOPURE.

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Best Hotel Equipment

Get Minibars, Kettles and Tray Sets, and other Hotel amenities at great prices.

Hotel Kettle Tray Set Drawer 0.6L

Hotel Kettle Tray Set Drawer 0.6L

Tray Set with Kettle, is a practical solution for every hotel room.

Hotel Minibar Thermoelectric 40

Hotel Minibar Thermoelectric 40

Extreme Low Energy consumption hotel minibar.

Hotel Coffee Machine Nespresso

Hotel Coffee Machine Nespresso

Coffee Machine, is a must for every, hotel room, and home.

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Best Hotel Cosmetic Brands


Get Soap, Shampoo, Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Conditioner and many other Luxury Cosmetics and Equipment for your Hotel, Resort, and Spa.

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The Nature Philosophy hotel cosmetic with the scent of green tea gives your guests a feeling of relief and evokes an atmosphere of mental and physical relaxation.

Botanica Luxury Hotel Cosmetics

The hotel collection Botanica contains Argan oil, which is extracted from the fruits of the Moroccan mythical tree. Argan oil is rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids which for example nourish and regenerate damaged hair.

The Vittore De Conti hotel cosmetic collection composition has cedarwood emphasized by raspberry and patchouli aroma with a light scent of jasmine.

Hotel Cosmetics, Simple and Pure, Endeavor Czech s.r.o., Greece, Cyprus, Ξενοδοχειακός Εξοπλισμός, Ξενοδοχειακά Είδη, Ελλάδα, Κύπρος, Greece, Cyprus

The Simple Pure hotel cosmetic collection is meant for those, who prefer beauty but also simplicity. The orange and citrus fragrance of this collection releases the senses and evokes optimism and joy.

The Four Elements is the ideal cosmetic collection for modern hotels. The fragrance of seaweed and peppermint highlights the uniqueness and freshness of this collection.

The hotel cosmetic Carlo Bellotti special ingredient is the Marula oil. This natural product is obtained from the kernels of the fruits of the Marula tree. It is rich in vitamin C and has multifunctional effects on the skin.

Hotel Cosmetics, Essence, Endeavor Czech s.r.o., Greece, Cyprus, Ξενοδοχειακός Εξοπλισμός, Ξενοδοχειακά Είδη, Ελλάδα, Κύπρος, Greece, Cyprus

The Essence hotel collection comprehends the valuable scents of sandalwood and red tea. It is utterly applied in aromatherapy for wellness centers, spas, resorts, and hotels.

Hotel Cosmetics, Herbal, Endeavor Czech s.r.o., Greece, Cyprus, Ξενοδοχειακός Εξοπλισμός, Ξενοδοχειακά Είδη, Ελλάδα, Κύπρος, Greece, Cyprus

The Herbal hotel collection is the perfect cosmetic choice for those who love natural style combined with a pleasant fragrance and excellent effects. The soft fragrance of herbs and ginseng induces the feeling of a blooming meadow.

Luxury Hotel Cosmetics, Memory of Provence

The Memory Of Provence hotel cosmetic brand contains lavender scent and is highly suggested for its unique relaxation and regenerative effects.


Hotel Room Solutions

Economical &


Hygienically sealed dispensing Easy Press System offers modern, economical, ecological and yet very practical solution for hotel cosmetics.

Easy to use for guests, easy logistics, economical operation, lockable content and its simple replacement – these are the main advantages of this sophisticated system.

Easy Press System also significantly reduces volume of plastic waste. Therefore we can definitely call it eco-friendly. Its wide range of fillings corresponds to the design and scents of our neutral lines.


hotel room equipment

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hotel room equipment




We are supplying Top Luxury Hotel Cosmetics, Hotel Equipment, and Accessories for all the hospitality businesses all around Europe. 

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