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Golden Ember - Mr Bear Family

Mr Bear Family takes men’s grooming to a new level with the luxurious Golden Ember Selection of Beard Care, Hair Care, and Skin Care cosmetics.

Crafted in Sweden, this luxury edition men’s grooming cosmetics  are formulated with mild surfactants that are gentle on hair, body, and the environment.

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Top Beard Care, Face Care

Pamper yourself, your beloved ones, or your clients with face, hair, skin and beard care cosmetics from the luxurious Golden Ember Classic Collection.

Genuine Swedish grooming products from Mr Bear Family.

Experience the best for your beard with Mr Bear Family’s Beard Oil Golden Ember. Introducing the Golden Ember Beard Oil, a luxury edition beard care essential for men’s grooming. Made in Sweden with carefully selected natural ingredients, this 50 ml beard oil not only softens and nourishes your beard but also takes care of the skin beneath it.

Introducing the Mr Bear Family Aftershave & Face Lotion Golden Ember, a luxury edition skincare solution for men’s grooming. Crafted with care in Sweden, this exquisite after shave and face care product is ideal for hotels, resorts, or anyone seeking a luxurious grooming experience.

Mr Bear Family takes your grooming routine to a new level with the luxurious Shampoo Golden Ember. A gentle shampoo that can be used for both body and hair. It contains several nourishing ingredients, like birch leaf extract which strengthens and revitalises the hair.

Premium Beard Care

Beard Oil - Mr Bear Family

Elevate your beard care routine with Beard Oil and Beard Shaper Lotion from Mr Bear Family. Keep your beard soft, well-styled, and your skin refreshed.

Beard oil cares not only for the beard but also for the skin underneath. Jojoba oil clean out the pores, argan oil makes the skin soft and gentle. Apricot kernel oil and almond oil provide moisture and softens the skin and beard.

Best Beard Care Sellers

Top Beard Oil

The Beard Oil softens and conditions both beard and skin. Makes your beard easy to comb, gives it a lush touch and also relieves redness, irritation and dry skin.

The Beard Shaper Lotion is perfect for the daily beard styling. It creates a natural hold that lasts all day while also moisturising the skin.

Elevate your grooming with Mr Bear Family’s Wilderness Scent Beard Oil. This 60 ml luxury bottle, a genuine Swedish product, pampers your beard and soothes your skin, offering a refreshing and revitalizing experience.

Elevate your beard grooming routine with the Mr Bear Family Beard Oil and Beard Shaper Lotion Gift Set. This exclusive set features a 60 ml Beard Oil and a 50 ml Beard Shaper Lotion, both in the invigorating Woodland scent, to leave your beard soft, well-styled, and your skin refreshed.

Elevate your beard grooming with Mr Bear Family’s Citrus Scent Beard Oil, a luxury edition essential for any bearded gentleman. This 60 ml bottle, equipped with a convenient pump, offers top-quality beard care, moisturizing and softening your beard while relieving skin irritation.

Perfect Hair Styling

Natural Haircare - Mr Bear Family

Mr Bear Family entire hair care collection is based on old school hair tonics from the second half of the 1800s. The hair styling products contain ingredients like nettle, witch hazel and horsetail, all nourishing and great for both hair and scalp.

Top quality hair care and hair styling products. From grooming spray to hair wax and pomade, to hair shampoo and conditioner.

Best Hair Styling Sellers

Top Haircare & Hairstyling

Give to your hair an amazing styling, shining and caring with the fabulous haircare products from Mr Bear Family.

Elevate your haircare routine with Mr Bear Family Sea Salt Spray & Hair Pomade Wax Gift Set, a Premium Swedish product, in the invigorating Springwood Scent.

Revitalize your hair and body with Mr Bear Family, Shampoo – All Over 1000ml in the refreshing Springwood scent.

Crafted with care in Sweden, this versatile product is also perfect for hotels.

Experience the ultimate in men’s grooming with Mr Bear Family’s Shampoo & Conditioner Gift Set.

This Swedish hair care cosmetic offers natural revitalization with its Springwood Scent.

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