Illegal The Measure Of Wearing Masks, Czech Court Says

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On Friday the 13th of November, the Municipal Court in Prague annulled the government’s measure of citizens wearing masks in stores and other places because the Czech Ministry failed to give sufficient reasons.

From October 21, Czech citizens are obliged to wear masks in stores and other places throughout the Czech Republic. Masks have become an integral part of Czechs lives, and for several weeks now they can’t do without them when shopping in stores or on the way to work.

However, on Friday it turned out that the Ministry only took over the justification from the previous measures and did not explain why the measures became even stricter from 21 of October.

Czech Court asked for proof

In a press release, the Czech Court said: “The Ministry does not point to any documents on the basis of which it ordered the use of respiratory protective equipment on a significantly larger scale and in a parametrically different environment,“.

Therefore, the measure of 19th of October lacks specific, comprehensible and substantiated considerations on the basis of which the court could effectively and responsibly examine whether it is really necessary to insist on the mandatory wearing of respiratory protective equipment to the extent currently set in order to achieve the declared goal,

Illegal The Measure Of Wearing Masks, Czech Court Says

The Ministry has a week to rectify the measure, otherwise, the masks will be lifted

Despite its position on the unjustified order to use protective masks in shops, cars, or in public places where a distance of at least 2 meters cannot be ensured, the Court annulled the measure until the 21st of November in order to have the Czech Ministry sufficient time.

 “In order to re-adopt a similar measure and take into account all the allegations of the local court, if it finds sufficient reasons for this,” it is written in a document that the Court published through ČTK.


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