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ALDA hotel equipment s.r.o. is a family-owned company, which has been in the hotel cosmetics and the hospitality market for over 19 years and this makes it one of the best in this sector.

Thanks to this great experience, ALDA has been established as one of the best producer of high-quality hotel cosmetics for the majority of Czech hotels, resorts, spas, wellness, and other hospitality businesses in the Czech Republic, and until today as one of the best reliable suppliers of hotel equipment and hotel amenities in Europe.

ALDA is based in Chleby, near to Prague. In ALDA’s 3.000 m2 premises the customers can visit the showroom with the possibility of a personal tour of the products inventory in hotel cosmetics, accessories, equipment, and other hotel amenities and to the large central warehouse, from where ALDA hotel products are sent to thousands of hotels in the whole Czech Republic and in all of the European and global clients.

Wide range in Hotel Cosmetics

The production of hotel cosmetics implements the latest technology and manufacturing processes. All ALDA products are ecofriendly and hypoallergic, are made in compliance with European Union rules and regulations, certified by the National Institute of Public Health of the Czech Republic. A smaller ecological footprint is underlined by using organic additive EcoPure, which enables faster biodegradation of plastics.

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