Hotel Room Tray and Kettle Elegant Long Inox 0.8 l

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The Hotel Room Tray Set with Kettle Elegant Long Inox, is a practical solution for every hotel room.

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Hotel Room Tray and Kettle Elegant Long Inox 0.8 l

The Hotel Room Tray Set Elegant Long Inox is suitable for every room and kitchen. The set tray is made of ABS material that faithfully imitates the surface of solid wood. The stainless steel kettle has a volume of 0.8 liters. The tray contains 3 larger compartments, 1 smaller compartment, and a removable cup drip tray. The base of the kettle is fully integrated into the tray plate. This electric set is such a great solution for accommodation rooms and hotel guests.

Βάρος 1,15 kg
Διαστάσεις 44,5 × 22,5 × 3,2 cm
Price Per Unit in Euro

64,60 € ex. VAT

Recycling Fee Per Unit

2,90 Kc, 0,20 €

Tray Color


Dimensions (l × w × h)

445 x 225 x 32 mm


1.15 kg

Kettle Volume

0.8 liters


1000 W

Kettle Color

Brushed Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel/Plastic


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